Welcome to the Insubria Working Group

Gruppo di lavoro Insubrico

Among the purposes of Rotary International is to advance international understanding by working with community leaders who wish to contribute their efforts to projects with a real and lasting impact on people's lives.

This international vocation, the work of bringing peoples and cultures closer together, has found a particularly propitious situation in the territory straddling Switzerland and Italy, given the existence of a region with strong cultural, commercial and demographic ties.

Regio Insubrica is in fact a Euroregion and a cross-border working community created in northern Insubria straddling the Italian-Swiss border. It consists of the following entities: Canton Ticino and the provinces of Como, Varese, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Lecco and Novara.

In this context, the 19 Rotary clubs of the provinces of Como, Varese and Canton Ticino formed the "Insubric Working Group" more than 20 years ago with the desire and interest to address issues concerning the "here and there of the border."

In recent years, cultural days have been held, scholarships awarded, professional conferences organized, and collaborations between civil defense organizations, as well as activities supporting small and large community service projects.

The activities of the Working Group are jointly by several clubs, which act, from time to time, as promoters of the activity, initiative or project in question. As of September 2021, the support disbursed was cumulatively quantifiable at about US$4 Million.

Club appartenenti al Gruppo di lavoro insubrico

2 Nazioni (Italia e Svizzera)
2 Province (Como, Varese)
1 Cantone (Ticino)
2 Distretti Rotary (CH1980, I2042)
19 Rotary Club